AED Training Course

130,000 people a year die from Cardiac Arrest. This means that sooner or later, someone you know may suffer from a heart attack. It can happen to anyone, men, women and even children can all be victims.

In the UK 1 person suffers a heart attack every 2 minutes but the majority could be saved if their heart was shocked back into a normal rhythm .

Recent research has shown that people don’t consider equipping their business with a defibrillator until after someone has already suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on their premises.

Who should attend an AED Course?

Individuals who have an AED available or are considering purchasing one. No previous First Aid Knowledge is necessary.

What will they learn

This half day course teaches the essential skills required by an AED operator and is made as informative, yet enjoyable as possible. The equipment is safe and straightforward to operate and anyone can attend a course, previous knowledge of First Aid is not necessary.

The course covers

Getting to know the AED

Operating the AED

Basic life support (Resusitation)

Treatment of an unconscious casualty

Heart attacks

Learning First Aid gives students the confidence to use an AED and to know what to do in this kind of emergency.

Assessment & Certification

The duration of the course is 3 hours, which involves continuous assessment and on completion a certificate is issued. Maximum of 6 students per course,

Please contact us to book a course

Thinking of purchasing a Defibrillator?

If you are considering purchasing an AED, please contact us we can supply you with an AED and advise you on the right AED for your business’s needs & budget.

Learning First Aid can also train your staff to be confident in using your current AED safety, promptly and effectively.

Please Contact us if you need some advice on purchasing an AED or any training on an already purchased AED.