Can I Learn Over A Few Weeks

“My boss can’t afford to release me for a whole week”

“we are to busy at work”

“I can’t take that much information on board in 3 days”

‘I don’t have enough staff to cover for a 3 day course”

‘Who con do my job whilst i’m not there all week”

‘I can’t cope with the workload if i’m out the office for 3 days”

Do these valid reasons sound Familiar?

Learning Firs Aid understands that it is sometimes difficult to allow staff to attend courses for more than one day in a week. We also understand that staff find it difficult to catch up on the work which has backed up when they return as there is often nobody to cover the extra workload

We can offer a solution to suit everybody

A three day (RQF) Approved First Aid at Work course run over three weeks on your choice of days and at either your venue or at Nottingham Forest Football Ground

To see what the course covers please visit the First Aid at Work webpage. How flexible is that?

The price is the same as a normal consecutive three day (RQF) Approved First Aid at Work course. If you require any further information, please contact us.